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Battle maneuvers. Battle stations. Thirty year old de-commissioned ship. Slow motion destruction. Tracy Keach.
Channels Military News
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Air France Flight 447 Airbus crash off Brazil. How U.S. military helps in search. May 21 2009. From United States Military Pentagon Channel -
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Amazing cadcosystems video of a plane landing on top of the world-s shortest runway -- top of a moving motorhome. Hillsboro Air Show Portland Oregon. Featured on King5 NBC Evening Magazine Seattle Washington. Also CNN Headline News.
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Near perfect landing but no. Guadeloupe is an archipelago located in the Caribbean Sea with a land area of 17 square kilometres or 630 sq. mi. and is one of 26 parts of France Republic since 2007. Thanks to Wikipedia and Yahoo BabelFish. Parecia ser un aterrizaje perfecto pero No. Pareceu ser uma aterragem perfeita mas o no. E sembrato essere un atterraggio perfetto ma il no. Zu sein schienen eine vollkommene Landung aber Nr. A semble etre un atterrissage parfait mais le numero. Scheen het perfecte landen maar nr te zijn.
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The chameleon is supposed to be able to change its colours to match its surroundings but in this case it demonstrates remarkable powers -- but these could be Special Effects. To the Electro lyrics of -Eat My Bear- from Yuksek from -Away From The Sea- appearing in Tokyo and Osaka Japan and Belgium and the UK and NYC. French born as Pierre Alexandre Busson.
Array Animal FX
Channels Animals Comedy News
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Remarkable crossover SUV can go seaward. To -American Dreamin Lyrics- Rap- Hip Hop Jay-Z or Shawn Corey Carter formerly of Def Jam Recordings and owner of the New Jersy Nets according to Wikipedia.
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Most expensive perhaps but they support AMFAR -- the Foundation for AIDS Research. Also known as Rubbers or Prophylactics or Raincoats. News brought to us by
Channels News Medical
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Sonde de residus de merde d-oiseau sur l-automobile. Vogel-Mist-Ruckstande-Sensor auf Automobil. Sensor de las heces de la mierda del pajaro en el automovil. Gracias a la facilidad de la traduccion de Yahoo BabelFish.
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USN US Navy SEAL extraction. Filmed inside an MH-47 Chinook helicopter. Marine pilot lowered ramp and dipped tail into water partially flooding compartment to allow Navy SEALs to board in F470 Zodiac. Very skilled personnel.
Channels Military News
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Mildly amusing humourous but mildly frightening seasonal video. Aint digital editing nice -- and scary...
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