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Parisian fear is flamed by this possibly made up simulated video clip.
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Tim Wilson admits he is tired of... Oprah - Mel Gibson - Dr. Phil - Paris Hilton - Raymond - Barry Bonds - Lance Armstrong - Donald Trump - Angelia and Brad - Bush etc. but he admits he could be wrong... Fed up with...
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Nailgun expert demonstrates his proficiency -- but may be Special Effects or FX. Mona Lisa -- painted from 1503 to 1507 by Leonardo DaVinci. Housed in the Louvre Museum in Paris. Also painted -The Last Supper-.
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Apres-midi idyllique en France est soudainement interrompue par une chanson en arabe qui est alors interrompu par quelqu-un qui n-apprecie pas de musique sans doute musulmane. Idyllic afternoon in France is suddenly interrupted by a song in Arabic which is then interrupted by someone who does not appreciate probably Muslim music. Interrompre la chanson arabe en France. Interrumpir la cancion arabe en Francia. Interrumpir la cancion arabe en Francia. Idyllischen Nachmittag in Frankreich wird plotzlich von einem Lied auf Arabisch unterbrochen- die dann von jemandem unterbrochen wird- die nicht wahrscheinlich muslimische Musik zu schatzen weiB. Dank Microsoft Bing Translator Ubersetzung.
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Viejo estilo patinaje en linea o patines de Paris en 1923 es a veces como el esqui. Velho estilo patins ou patins de Paris em 1923 que as vezes e como o esqui. Vecchio stile pattinaggio o rollerblade da Parigi nel 1923 che a volte e come lo sci. Patinage a roulettes style ancien ou patins a roues alignees de Paris en 1923- c-est parfois comme le ski. Alte- Stil- Rollschuhlaufen oder Rollerblading aus Paris 1923 ist manchmal wie Skifahren. Oude stijl rolschaatsen of skaten van Parijs in 1923 is die soms als skien. Sometimes known as Cycle-Skating. Can be self-propelled or like skiing. Bing Translator.
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