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Controlling drones from very long distance is illustrated in this United States video clip.
Channels Military Tech
Added: 4315 days ago by caesarf
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Shots of a balloon from small Japanese video camera in Japan which shoots at 2000 frames per second high-resolution full color. Video cam which does not need a lot of light as most high speed cameras do. In demo movie a yellow balloon has been filled with water and is then pierced with a pin. Take a look and be amazed. The balloon disappears around the water.
Channels Business Tech
Added: 4941 days ago by caesarf
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Iran Air Boeing 767-300ER Airliner with nose gear problem en route from Moscow to Tehran managed a perfect belly landing with minimal damage due to flight crew great skills. Verkehrsflugzeug der Iran-Luft-Boeing-767-300ER mit Bugfahrwerkproblem auf dem Weg von Moskau zu Teheran handhabte eine vollkommene Bauchlandung mit dem minimalen Schaden wegen der groBen Fahigkeiten der Flugzeugbesatzung. L-avion de ligne de Boeing 767-300ER d-air de l-Iran avec le probleme de train avant en route de Moscou a Teheran a controle un atterrissage de ventre parfait avec des dommages minimaux dus qualifications d-equipage des aeronefs a de grandes. El avion de pasajeros de Boeing 767-300ER del aire de Iran con problema del engranaje de nariz en el camino de Moscu a Tehran manejo un aterrizaje sobre la panza perfecto con el dano minimo debido habilidades del equipo de vuelo a las grandes. Translation compliments of Yahoo BabelFish.
Added: 3559 days ago by caesarf
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World class Korean archer reminiscent of Olympians archers demonstrates great skill to a background of American disco. Slow motion shot perhaps using small Japanese video camera that shoots 2000 frames per second high-resolution.
Added: 4950 days ago by caesarg
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Whether a Boeing C-17 can really take off from a field is answered in this video -- until the dustcloud completely covers the cameraman.
Added: 4533 days ago by cesara
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Candid camera routine or gag with police or peace officers who are not quite in uniform. American version of BBC UK British Bobby stunt.
Channels Military Cars Comedy
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Deutscher Hightechschlafzimmerfernsehen Fernsehapparat. Televisione a alta tecnologia tedesca TV della camera da letto. Teve alta-tecnologia alemao da televisao do quarto. Yahoo BabelFish translation. Television de alta tecnologia alemana TV del dormitorio. Duitse van de geavanceerd technische TV slaapkamertelevisie.
Channels News Business Tech
Added: 3402 days ago by caesarg
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First test flight with afterburner effect. Eggemoen 30.12.07. Pilot-owner Tor Christiansen. Camera - Staale Pedersen. Norway-Norwegian video clip.
Channels Sports Military Tech
Added: 4178 days ago by cesara
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Women-s toilet fun on the Graham Norton Show with Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless from -Cagney and Lacey- show. Graham William Walker is an Irish actor comedian and television presenter known by his stage name Graham Norton. According to Wikipedia.
Channels Comedy Tech
Added: 4348 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Candid camera fun.
Added: 4382 days ago by caesarg
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