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British soldiers camp it up to the tune of -Is this the way to Amarillo-. Per Wikipedia On 13 May 2005 another spoof video of the song made by the United Kingdom Royal Dragoon Guards stationed in Iraq was emailed so frequently it crashed a server at the UK Ministry of Defence. The -Peter Kay- character credited as -Lucky Pierre- refer to gay sex.
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Marine surprises his Ohio family in homecoming from Iraq
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Segment in airline terminal as troops return probably from Iraq courtesy of Annehauser-Busch patriotic salute.
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Military Department of Defense Bunker Blaster Bomb
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Iraq Militia Military Man fires motorized vehicle killing weapon for first time but gets hurt.
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Test missile in Alabama takes Iraqi or T 72 Soviet main battle tank first produced in 1971. The FGM 148 Javelin is an American portable anti tank guided missile.
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Spoof gag prank on lazy men going through mock military maneuvers drills exercises. Drill Team For Retired Guys complete with lawnchairs and goofy outfits including tee shirts and walking shorts.
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The new F-35 fighter to be operational in the USAF and RAF and allies with a total of over six thousand aircraft currently in final development phase. The F-35 flies above sound barrier. Wikipedia says The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is a single-seat single-engine stealth-capable military strike fighter -- a multi-role aircraft that can perform close air support - tactical bombing - and air-to-air combat. The F-35 has three models -- one for conventional takeoff - the second is short-takeoff and vertical-landing variant and the third is a carrier-based variant. Video from Military.Com.
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John Wayne appears on the Dean Martin Show -- a 1960s and early 1970s television staple. Wayne is philosophical and discusses traditional values such as patriotism Lord-s Prayer Psalms Gettsburg Address Military Service...
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Shotgun for the 21st century AA-12 gas operated low recoil 12 gauge shotgun designed for the military. Most powerful weapon in the world. Combat shotgun 120 - 300 rounds per minute. Grenade - Frag-12 -- three types. 175 meters. Auto Assault-12 Shotgun -- FRAG-12 High-Explosive Round Combo-Weapon System. Product of Military Police System out of Piney Flats Tennessee. Jerry Baber improved on other designs in order to produce this state-of-the-art rifle for the 21st century. Lead delivery on target guarantees most lethal weapon. Also grenade launcher round. From
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