Market Size

According to the latest US Census figures, there are 85 million baby boomers, dubbed "the pig in the snake" by demographers, reshaping our youth-oriented society.  This represents close to $600 billion in buying power. 

Further, they have the most discretionary income per capita than any age group. With the inclusion of the global market, the numbers become staggering.



Boomer site, Eons, with $35 million, funded by Sequoia Capital recently “tanked” because they did not understand this market, catering  to 50 and over market and not  being video entrepreneurs .

We are the only social networking site  with a niched  audience age 35-65 and beyond, including   complete   entertainment capabilities with integrated ad platforms.


Product Services - Description

Social Shopping: Users will be able to send “alerts” to friends about their favorite  resorts, adventure travel, spas, plastic surgeons, hair dressers, diet, movies, tv shows and video games and their favorite music. We will include financial services, legal problems and solutions, and all the latest in tech info.

We will seek to empower these consumers to improve their body, mind and spirit.


Business Model




With broadband communications accelerating, we will become the MTV/CNN for distributing visual content, encompassing health services on the internet, creating a healthy lifestyle.  We will create a search engine which will integrate video ads. Moving pictures ads will let advertisers blow through the former Haiku-like restriction of text ads.


Product & Business Models


U Boomer U Boomer TV

Financials – The “Deal”


Money invested - $100,000 from friends, personal funds

First Round financing @ $ 1 million dollars per 1%  for   each  company;  10% for  U Boomer U Com and 10% for Boomer  TV 

ROI will come from our equity value , revolutionary video ads, social shopping. And sponsorships

Today’s estimated equity/market value =  $30 million


Why do the Deal?

If you had the opportunity to invest in the beginning stages of this company, would you, knowing you would get the following results?  You now have that chance.

My Space-sold ‘06 for $580 million to Rupert Murdoch

You Tube - sold ‘06 to Google $1.6 Billion

E-Bay market value is $40 billion

U boomer U’s  Description:” My Space meets You Tube meets EBay” - - Awarded Pitch of the Week  on TechScape  02/07;  Listed in “Killer Start Ups” 03/14/07


Resource Requirements

- Personnel

- Technology

- Finances

- Distribution

- Promotion

- Products

- Services

The Amounts for each Division will be allocated by our  team of  accountants. And staff.


Investor Testimonial



(With broad long -term experience In development, quality and process)
Assesses :  U Boomer U &  Boomer TV

Three  items that immediately impressed me about U Boomer U  &
Boomer TV:

The Boomer TV website was quickly brought online with few problems, and were quickly addressed (Quality software built efficiently)

The initial work on both sites was done with a minimum budget  of only $100,000. (Excellent Financial Control)

Eye-catching  designs are dynamite!!!  (Attractive websites with user-friendly  looks - and–feels)

- CFM Chavez