Drive engagement and awareness with video ads prominently placed on U boomer U TV's Homepage, Category pages, and Search results pages are offered.

Establish your brand's presence within the world's leading video community. U boomer U TV supports a variety of display ad formats throughout the site. Placements can be targeted by age, gender, geography, and time of day.

U boomer U TV offers premium sponsorship ad units, served in the top right area of every U Boomer U TV page. These sponsors are important to us, and we look for products and services that we feel would be relevant to our targeted and influential audience.

Ad Specs:

  • 125 by 125 pixel size
  • Preferably the company or product logo
  • Will link back to the company product page
  • No animations (simple ads)
  • Video ads 10-15 second ads can be created in house.
  • Included will be product integration via product placement in videos.. Ad costs (in House) in the beginning will be the cost of the production only from $25,000 up. For more info, write to

Strategic partnerships start at $100,000. Due to our niched audience coupled with up to $5 trillion dollars of discretionary income, we are asking for $75.00 CPM. There is a minimum of six months, followed by a month-to-month plan where either party may terminate the relationship on 30 days notice.

If you are interested in securing a strategic partnership and/or advertising on U Boomer U TV, please contact Terry Johnson at or call our corporate offices at +12138640917