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Sung to -Bye Bye Miss American Pie. The Day The Music Died.-
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Next time you try a special dance trick do not start on a hardwood floor. Trois hommes dans la pratique en matiere de classe de danse devient dangereux. La clase de danza consigue peligrosa. Il codice categoria di ballo ottiene pericoloso. Tanzkategorie erhalt gefahrlich.
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What happens when someone has a psychotic break who also happens to own a bulldozer that has been ruggedized is vividly illustrated in this video from Grand View Colorado. Citywide demolition out-of-control. Marv Heimeyer. June 4 2004 according to Wikipedia. American welder and muffler repair shop owner angered over outcome of zoning dispute armors Komatsu D355A bulldozer with layers of steel.
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Surprising how much force is in a tornado.
Array Cargo Tren
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