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We are expecting a clip on the world famous 3-D movie from David Letterman but SURPRISE. American late night television host and comedian since 1982. From Worldwide Pants and Craig Ferguson including -Everybody Loves Raymond! now in syndication. Windup.
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Unique video reveals highest form of dedication by beautiful shapely models... Sauf les tigres chinois. -The Last South China Tiger- to benefit Excepto tigres chinos o chineses. AuBer chinesischen Tigern. Salvo le tigri cinesi. Merci BabelFish.
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To the theme from the movie -Rocky-. -Eye of the Tiger- performed by American rock band Survivor from the album Eye of the Tiger released in 1982 used at the request of Sylvester Stallone for the film -Rocky III- per Wikipedia.
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Amazing special effects in the commercial advert for Tiger Beer one of Asia-s best kept secrets. Singapore-s first locally brewed 5 percent bottled pale lager.
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Monkey teases tiger cubs in the jungle and is taking life in hand
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BuzzFeed has a series of fotos that you won-t believe and once you see them you will try to forget them including man planking a tiger
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Tiger the dog shows us how to play with the kid. Amazing dog.
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Isn-t my smart guide dog a Labrador or German Shepherd is asked by this man who is dying for a brew in the land down under in this Toohey-s New Australian beer advert commercial. Durstiger blinder Mann mit Fuhrerhund. Hombre oculto sediento con el perro de guia.
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Tiger by the tail. Tiger Woods by the nuts balls gonads -nads- PG-Rated lang. Sung in the C and W style imitating Buck Owens Bakersfield California sound.
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This windup sketch is a pseudo infomercial advert commercial for a very unique item with all sorts of fun humour being poked at the great American golf professional... Supposedly hosted by Billy Dee Williams or lookalike.
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