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Terrorist get thru but busty woman -- no way...
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In this Middle-Eastern terrorist spoof wind up the Volkswagen VW Polo demonstrates its excellent technology containing an explosion.
Channels Cars Comedy Crime
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Moslem Cleric had terrorism in store for Australia. Illegal immigrant terrorist ordered out of Australia three times. But still received welfare.
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Should the world be worried.
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Automated highly sophisticated police system for licence plate recognition system. Computer processes video images using pattern recognition software. British Columbia peace officers. On-board computer performs automated scans for auto theft stolen vehicles suspected terrorism etc.
Channels News Crime Tech
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Grandma gets back at punk gangsters on their motorbike who steal her purse by performing a terrorist act. Ha Ha. She says -Make my day-.
Channels Cars Comedy Crime
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Demonstration of latest exterior evacuation technology from a high-rise building in Israel.
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Expecting a terrorist on this aircraft... Better watch out
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Jeff Dunham Cranky Achmed Jingle Bombs
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What would you do for fun if you were in Hamas and had explosives and construction tools is illustrated in this zany and somewhat scary video... Sledgehammer explosions by Palestinian Islamic Socio-Polication organization or movement often regarded as radical and terrorist.
Channels Military Comedy Tech
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