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Amazing cadcosystems video of a plane landing on top of the world-s shortest runway -- top of a moving motorhome. Hillsboro Air Show Portland Oregon. Featured on King5 NBC Evening Magazine Seattle Washington. Also CNN Headline News.
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Automated highly sophisticated police system for licence plate recognition system. Computer processes video images using pattern recognition software. British Columbia peace officers. On-board computer performs automated scans for auto theft stolen vehicles suspected terrorism etc.
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Orgasmus Alarmanlage erhalt Aufmerksamkeit und Datenschutz. Dank Microsoft Bing Translator. Alarme de voiture orgasmique obtient l-attention et avis. Grace a Microsoft Bing Translator. Alarma de coche orgasmica recibe atencion y aviso. Gracias a Microsoft Bing traductor. Orgasm Car Alarm Security System
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Another car security system
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F-16 vs Bird. This is footage from cockpit of F-16. Cool reaction and professionalism of two pilots including cockpit transmission with video. A -Bird Strike- as seen through the Heads Up Display or HUD. You can see bird flash by just prior to impacting engine and hear aircraft voice warning system ... evidently there was too much damage from the bird strike and they had to eject. They ran the Emergency Checklist - made two relight attempts - and picked out a plowed field for landing. ...The video continues until impact -- even after they both eject.
Channels Military News Tech
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Emergency Landing. King Air Gear Up May 5 2006. Low pass test but this time for real. Fulton County Airport Atlanta Georgia as recorded on CNN Cable News Network Turner Broadcasting System. WAGA.
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What would have happened for 40 years to Israelis and Moses if there was technology such as GPS. O que teria acontecido ha 40 anos aos israelitas- Moises se houvesse tecnologia como GPS. Lo que habria sucedido durante 40 anos a los israelies y Moises si hubo tecnologia como GPS. Cosa sarebbe successo per 40 anni per gli israeliani e Mose se c-era la tecnologia come GPS. Was ware passiert seit 40 Jahren an Israelis und Moses gabe es Technologien wie GPS. Que serait-il arriver depuis 40 ans aux Israeliens et Moise s-il y avait des technologies telles que les GPS. Wat zou zijn gebeurd voor 40 jaar aan Israeliers en Mozes als er technologie zoals GPS. Bing Translator. Jew. Israel. Joodse Jood. Juif. Judische Jude. Bing Translator. Iturna GPS -Global Positioning System- advert commercial. Palestine Israel Middle East
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NoStarPanel wants us to examine a series of odd patterns emanating from the Constellation Virgo...
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What is up when the network is down -- is answered by this video clip. Cisco Systems answers how employees have fun at work at the office done to punk rock music. From
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Northrop-Grumman is building the X-47B for the USN. Built for launch from aircraft carrier. UCAS -- Unmanned Combat Air System. Trial scheduled for 2009 - 2011. UAV - Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle. Can carry one or two bombs.
Channels Military News Tech
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