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Frühe Fitness-Center--Tun die Swing Tanz--High Energy- American Dance. Centre de remise en forme debut--Faire la danse Swing--haute energie- danse americaine. Gimnasio temprano--Haciendo el baile Swing--alta energia- baile americano. Inicio no centro de Fitness-- Fazendo a danca Swing - alta energia- danca americana. Primi Fitness Center-- Facendo la Swing Dance - ad alta energia- danza americana. Bing Translator.
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US-amerikanischer Boogie-Woogie-Musik-- gespielt von einem Pianisten wird in diesem Video vorgestellt. Boogie-Woogie americain la musique jouee par un grand pianiste est presentee dans cette video. Boogie-woogie americano musica interpretado por uma grande pianista e destaque neste video. American Boogie-Woogie played by a great pianist is featured in this video. Musica de Boogie-Woogie americano interpretada por un gran pianista se presenta en este video. Bing Translator.
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What would you do with a funny amusement park... --Time to say goodbye- Lyrics Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. -Quando sono sola sogno all-orizzonte- ... it-s time to say goodbye. -- con te io li vivro. ...
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