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it-s a booger of a problem i-ve got -- i wish my nose was running money -- but it-s snot... Hilarious look at music and comedy of the U.S. American South by Aaron Wilburn -Laugh More Live Longer-
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Funny AFLAC commercial advert in ebonics East LA East Los Angeles Southern drawl etc. Comedic video clip
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Everybody has gone surfing including the bulldogs in Surfing USA probably Huntington Beach Los Angeles Manhattan Beach California Pacific Ocean Bulldog. Beach Boys Ventura Surf boards San Onofre Redondo La Jolla
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Woman chokes in a Southern bar and what will you do medically or as a doctor. Spoof on the Heimlich manoeuvre in an American Southwestern Country and Western bar. Man comes to her aid with the -hind lick- maneuver.
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Series of laterals in the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference with Millsaps Majors accomplishing a nearly impossible touchdown.
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Making fun of humourous USA Country and Western songs including a silly song from Hoover.
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Grua movil Waikato pierde su equilibrio y cae en los humedales de pantanos de Louisiana Florida. Tony Gibson. Waikato moving crane loses its footing and topples in the Louisiana Florida swamp wetlands. Tony Gibson. Waikato beweglichen Kran verliert den Halt und in Louisiana Florida Sumpf Feuchtgebieten umwirft. Tony Gibson. Grue mobile de Waikato perd son pied et bascule dans les marecages de marais de Louisiane en Floride. Tony Gibson. Grace a Bing Tranducor.
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Classical Medley By Buddy Greene Harmonica genius. From -- Rootsy Southern gospel artist Buddy Greene brings variety of American influences to his music from country and bluegrass to folk and blues. In addition to his prowess as a songwriter and singer his virtuosity on the harmonica has made him an in-demand session guest for quite a few fellow Southern gospel practitioners. Greene grew up in Macon Georgia.
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Two good ole young Southern boys show us how to fish. We should say Do Not Attempt unless you have lots of muscle to wrestle the catfish. From Now legal in Missouri.
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Southern California Theme Park Secretary SeaWorld San Diego trained orca.
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