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Educational institution or shul sports this message to callers such as what lies to tell... from the Land Down Under.
Array Aussie Comedy
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Slovenia High Schools Basketball League Bakros of Bezigrad High School. Using trampoline team executes of series of trick shots. Dunking Devils. Belgrade. University of Ljubljana.
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Kindergarten Guitar Band from North Korea. Won awards but robotic and maybe overtrained. Kindergarten Gitarre Band aus Nordkorea. Gewonnene Auszeichnungen aber Roboter und vielleicht ubertrainiert. La maternelle guitare bande de Coree du Nord. A remporte des prix mais peut-etre surentrainement et de robotique. Banda de guitarra de kindergarten de Corea del Norte. Gano premios pero robotico y tal vez demasiado entrenamiento. Kleuterschool gitaar Band uit Noord-Korea. Gewonnen awards maar robotic en misschien te veel opleiding.
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School of Dolphins
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Milton Friedman was one of the world-s foremost economists. He was originally a believer in government intervention in economics but then believed that a hands-off policy is best. According to Wikipedia on-line encyclopedia Friedman-s political philosophy -- considered classically liberal and libertarian -- stressed the advantages of the marketplace and the disadvantages of government intervention and regulation. From Chicago School of Economics. A two and a half minute clip on the Phil Donahue show probably from the 1970s. A very cogent discussion by a very engaging Milton Freedman.
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Not yet rated advises us --- Don-t steal from lockers at school.
Channels News Crime Tech
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What happens when a young student marries her instructor or maestro is illustrated in this video.
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Great act by a young woman. What a great little singer. Hollie Steel. Schoolgirl of 10 years of age. Ballet and then sing from famous musical -My Fair Lady- with lyrics by Jamie Cullum. My Fair Lady -- Original Broadway Poster by Al Hirschfeld - Music Frederick Loewe - Lyrics and Book Jay Lerner. Pygmalion Productions 1956 Broadway 1958 West End 1964 Film 1976 Broadway revival 1979 West End revival 1981 Broadway revival 1993 Broadway revival 2001 West End revival 2005 U.K. Tour 2007 Broadway. -My Fair Lady- is a musical based upon George Bernard Shaw-s -Pygmalion- and with book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and music by Frederick Loewe with Julie Andrews as Eliza in the original NYC Broadway production next in London according to Wikipedia. Tony Award for Best Musical.
Channels Comedy Dancers
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Competition in A-Level High School. Indian or Pakistan comedy. Medicine at Cambridge. Or Ph.D. Football or Futbol or Soccer.
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We all know some automobile car driving lessons can be pretty bad now don-t we. . .
Channels Sports Cars Comedy
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