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Three German Shepherds in a bar as they line up to get a drink are hilarious. From BBC-s -That-s Life- these three German Shepherds sure enjoy this game involving a soda siphon. These dogs would be welcomed into any pub and provide the patrons with countless hours of entertainment. From BigGeekDaddy. Vintage BBC. Tale of three specially trained dogs. Subtitled in Dutch. Dutch text. Verhaal van de drie speciaal getrainde honden. Ondertiteld in het Nederlands. Nederlandse tekst. El al snel kwamen de drie Duitse herders binnen. Jade en haar twee puppy-s Guy en Izzy.
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Drunkest guy ever demonstrates how -one too many- has become -many too many-. Don-t give that man a drink...
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She confounds the on lookers in the bar or tavern but not the bartender or us in this European - Russian clip
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Some -facts- that we have heard that are actually not true. Those so-called facts are corrected by BuzzFeed Buzz60. Tang drink NASA Astronaut facts. Cell phone in aircraft facts. Apple Garden of Eden. Great Wall of China. Five human senses.
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Sometimes the best beer is a root beer such as suggested by Spanish advert for IBC Root Beer. From in Seville Spain
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There are times when printing may be a problem such as wrinkled pages. Neem een nieuwsgierige kat en een computerprinter en... Prenez un chat curieux et un imprimeur d-ordinateur et... Nehmen Sie eine neugierige Katze und einen Computerdrucker und... Prenda un gatto curioso e uno stampatore del calcolatore e... Tome um gato curioso e uma impressora do computador e... BabelFish.
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What happens when the maid is tooooo friendly
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Readying for ice skating competition. Surprise at the end of a double axle after warm up routine waltz triple loop in this wind up on water hazard thin ice. Thanks to special effects editing...
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From their Very Own Local Water A Haitian group is Delivering Drinkable Water to 200,000 Haitians Each Day - 1888PressRelease
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Women hijinks. Whoops. Surprise.
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