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-Back to the wall-. R and B. Rhythm and Blues Jazz combo. Izzy. BLT. T-Bone. Honky Homeworld Productions. T Bone Productions.
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Boeing 777 production in Spokane Washington high speed photography.
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Best Air Race Pilot wows the audience but... Looks like the real thing but this clever production is actually produced using models. But it scared you didn-t it. Special Effects.
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Highly advanced robotic manufacturing in South America is illustrated in this video from the Ford Motor Company. FORD TEST BED -- Brazil Camacari plant is model for the future. A fabricacao robotico altamente avancada em America do Sul e ilustrada neste video da companhia do Ford Motor. CAMA DE TESTE DE FORD -- A planta de Brasil Camacari e modelo para o futuro. In hohem Grade vorgeruckte Roboterherstellung in Sudamerika wird in diesem Video des Ford Motor-FirmaTestbettmodells wahrend der Zukunft veranschaulicht. La fabrication robotique fortement avancee en Amerique du Sud est illustree dans cette video du modele de banc d-essai de compagnie de Ford Motor a l-avenir.
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Great act by a young woman. What a great little singer. Hollie Steel. Schoolgirl of 10 years of age. Ballet and then sing from famous musical -My Fair Lady- with lyrics by Jamie Cullum. My Fair Lady -- Original Broadway Poster by Al Hirschfeld - Music Frederick Loewe - Lyrics and Book Jay Lerner. Pygmalion Productions 1956 Broadway 1958 West End 1964 Film 1976 Broadway revival 1979 West End revival 1981 Broadway revival 1993 Broadway revival 2001 West End revival 2005 U.K. Tour 2007 Broadway. -My Fair Lady- is a musical based upon George Bernard Shaw-s -Pygmalion- and with book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and music by Frederick Loewe with Julie Andrews as Eliza in the original NYC Broadway production next in London according to Wikipedia. Tony Award for Best Musical.
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Xerox machine extraordinaire is used to create a most interesting physics phenomena except... BS Brian Solano Productions rock climbing films. La fisica del calabozo. Physique de trou noir. Physik des schwarzen Lochs. Zwart gatenfysica. Fisica del buco nero.
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It-s smarter to travel in groups- new campaign for De Lijn -- Flemish transport company. Jun 07 2011. Public bus company De Lijn has launched a new campaign showing it is smarter to take the bus or tram. Kick off is a commercial showing a group of ants beating an aardvark in a clever way. Pay-off -- It is smarter to travel in a group -- take the bus. Penguins Ants Crabs The 3D-production was done by CC -Creative Conspiracy-. De Lijn is also working on an smartphone game featuring the ants of the commercial.
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B-24 Liberator units of the United States Army Air Forces. The USAAF took delivery of its first B-24As in June 1941 although the B-24D was the first production model delivered in quantity in July 1942. B-24s were assigned to every combat Air Force. At peak inventory the USAAF had 6043 B-24 Liberators operating world-wide in September 1944. Following the end of World War II the Liberator was rapidly withdrawn from USAAF service being replaced by the B-29 Superfortress. Also used by Australian Aussie Air Force. According to Wikipedia. An older generation American heavy Bomber built using first use Lean manufacturing.
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De Havilland Manufacturing 1944. Balsa Wood prop rotary airplane. Outstanding British combat plane. Demonstration of Australian Mosquito production from the land down under.
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