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U.S. Oklahoma person calls in to do a 911 call but it turns out funny...
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To the theme from the movie -Rocky-. -Eye of the Tiger- performed by American rock band Survivor from the album Eye of the Tiger released in 1982 used at the request of Sylvester Stallone for the film -Rocky III- per Wikipedia.
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Sung to -Bye Bye Miss American Pie. The Day The Music Died.-
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Bierflasche-Orchester. Het Orkest van de Fles van het bier. Orquesta de la botella de cerveza. Orchestra della bottiglia da birra. Orchestre de bouteille a biere.
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The right to bear arms is featured in this -Family Day in West Virginia- where it shows that the American family that shoots together stays together... Almost satirical or parody but may be serious...
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When you get tired of those commercials for bathroom toilet paper tissue for wusses then you want SANDY the roughest wipe in Australia... Advert commercial from down under.
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Prescient vision of job hunt in the future for office professionals based on current hiring of migrant workers. Parody satire.
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En espanol una demostracion del gay embroma o chiste. Military humor. Don-t Ask Don-t Tell. According to YouTube translated clip from the Monty Python film -And Now For Somthing Completely Different-.
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What would happen when the world goes from scrolls to books and can we find a service person to show us how to do that whilst making fun of Microsoft Windows and the PC. In Danish in Demark with English subtitles.
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Satire. German Nazi Humour. -Movin on Up- by Jeff Barry and Ja-net Dubois authors of -The Jeffersons- Lyrics. American sitcom broadcast on CBS from 1975 to 1985 with a total of 253 episodes produced by T.AT. Communications Company then Embassy Television. Longest-running comedy or series with predominantly African-American cast in the history of American TV according to Wikipedia.
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