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Before and after with -The Diamonds- great musical act. The Diamonds were a Canadian quartet of the 1950s and early 1960s who rose to prominence performing mostly cover versions of songs by black musicians. According to Wikipedia.
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it-s a booger of a problem i-ve got -- i wish my nose was running money -- but it-s snot... Hilarious look at music and comedy of the U.S. American South by Aaron Wilburn -Laugh More Live Longer-
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-Back to the wall-. R and B. Rhythm and Blues Jazz combo. Izzy. BLT. T-Bone. Honky Homeworld Productions. T Bone Productions.
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Tell Me Why. Teaching international brotherhood and sisterhood and a fraternity of peace and good will toward all humankind. Reminiscent of John Lennon-s -Imagine- the world without world wars and strife. Declan John Galbraith was born in 1991 and is an English singer with Scottish and Irish musical traditions. Declan tho- British is best known in Germany first where his widest releases were made and in China where his songs are sometimes used to teach children English. Declan and his family live in Hoo -- a village near Rochester Kent England. From Wikipedia.
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How much power is in in .577 Magnum rifle. Recoil is awesome and almost dangerous. Video from Song from -Talledega Nights-. Punk Metal music from Memphis Tennessee band Saliva. Bio states that their music is -sturm und drang of hard rock together with hip-hop grunge and sheer-. Big gun for sport shooters.
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Black and white never looked so good in this outstanding memory reminescent Rockin- Fifties demonstration as to why they did not need gyms then...
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Silly disco number by alien
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Incredible female contortionist manipulates herself into a variety of positions. Lunga from the musical Africa. French TV. She could have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome -EDS-.
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Amazing Slovenian Group Perpetuum Jazzile imitates rain as lead in to their rendition of -African-. Humans Only. Or maybe synthesizer. From -Toto IV-. Song on as -Toto Africa by Perpetuum Jazzile-.
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Another act for reality show Nashville Star -- amazing man produces a multiplicity of sounds such as Michael Jackson and disco and rap sound effects and music
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