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What would happen if the Catholic Church decided to automate reconcilliation or confession of sins is illustrated in this video from Mexico or Mejico. Que sucederia si la iglesia catolica decidida al reconcilliation o a la confesion automatizado de pecados se ilustra en este video.
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This is a video clip of the New Mexico Sandia National Labs rocket sled test. Purpose of test was to gauge results of high impact - 500 mph - F-4 Phantom jet against a concrete barrier such as a nuclear reactor wall some 10 feet thick. The plane was basically atomized.
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This surprising video clip shows how another nearby country deals with illegal aliens but it sounds very harsh.
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Not yet rated Ben Whabnoski. Great pilot gag stunt wind up aviator. Stuntpiloten Kyle Franklin spiller Ben Whabnoski. En temmelig bedugget publikummer som bestemmer seg for a sjele et fly og forsoke seg bak. Grande conluio piloto do aviador. Grote proefvliegeniersstunt. Grand arret pilote d-aviateur. Grande prodezza pilota dell-aviatore. GroBe Versuchsfliegerbremsung. Gran truco experimental del aviador. Traduccion por BabelFish. Copyright 2009 Franklin-s Flying Circus and Airshow. Also Neosho Missouri and Ruidoso New Mexico and Amanda. World Airshow News.
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Anti-immigration spiel from outspoken conservative. Dobbs is strongly opposed to illegal immigrants the H-1B visa program and guest worker programs. Along with this he has been a critic of what he regards as the Mexican government-s unwillingness to change its laws to help the poor and of church leaders in Mexico for not criticizing the Mexican government-s policies.
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El video segundo del SWAT de Mejico. Los Guido Desamparados de Sector 3 esta manana.
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SSP Policia Federal de Mexico. Comedia en que el dijo --Pinche Pinche pendejo. No peines pareja. Yo no choque. Me chocaron. Not quite Buster Keaton or Keystone Kops but a few unfortunate incidents by the Mexican police. Humeur de capres de polissons d-accidents de police. Polizeiunfallstreich-Kapriolestimmung. Humor das alcaparras das partidas dos acidentes da policia.
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Take out a Mexican holiday favorite game which involves a blind folded person with a bat and guess what can happen is illustrated in this video clip.
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Research into the overreaction and lack of uniformed police office discipline. Investigacion en la reaccion exagerada y falta de disciplina de oficina de policias uniformados. Ricerca la reazione eccessiva e la mancanza di disciplina di ufficio di polizia in uniforme. Pesquisas sobre a reacao e a falta de disciplina de escritorio de policia militar. Recherches sur la reaction excessive et le manque de discipline de bureau de police en uniforme. Erforschung der Uberreaktion und mangelnde Disziplin der uniformierten Polizei-Buro. Onderzoek naar de overdreven reactie en gebrek aan geuniformeerde politie bureau discipline. Forskning i overreaktion og manglende ordenspolitiet office disciplin. Bing Translator.
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Mexican S.W.A.T or Special Weapons And Tactics Equipo de Mejico
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