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Tires ablazing -- smoke billowing -- 64 Chevrolet demonstrates incredible horsepower HP muscle. Classic Car Hot rod demonstration.
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Astronaut Scott Kelly at International Space Station during his mission posted these timelapse video clips of the Northern Lights Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis to his Twitter account as reported by CNN news StationCDRKelly. L-astronaute Scott Kelly a la Station spatiale internationale au cours de sa mission Poste ces clips video timelapse des aurores boreales- aurores boreales et aurores australes sur son compte Twitter- tel que rapporte par CNN news StationCDRKelly. Astronauta Scott Kelly na estacao espacial internacional- durante sua missao Postado esses clipes de video em timelapse da aurora boreal- Aurora Boreal e Aurora Austral para a sua conta de Twitter- conforme relatado por CNN noticias StationCDRKelly. Deze timelapse video clips van de Noorderlicht-Aurora Borealis en Aurora Australis astronaut Scott Kelly op internationaal ruimtestation ISS tijdens zijn missie geplaatst op zijn Twitter-account- zoals gemeld door CNN news StationCDRKelly. Astronaut Scott Kelly an der internationalen Raumstation ISS wahrend seiner Mission veroffentlicht diese Timelapse-video-Clips von Nordlicht Aurora Borealis und Aurora Australis auf seinem Twitter-Account von CNN News StationCDRKelly gemeldet. Grace a Microsoft Bing Translator.
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CNN. Virgin Galactic New Space Ship. First commercial space flights for ordinary people who want to go into space. For real spaceflight. Real spaceship.
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Little jokes stunts windups including goose or grope and appropriate slap. Turn off the lights. Pull down the patio carport roof. Milkybar Muchies British advert commercial. From www.Publi.TV. Bromas o chistes de chicos.
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Wild musical house. Seasonal video clip -Amazing Grace- first traditional formal and then jazz. Casa Iluminada Musica Navidad.
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As the crooners say -- thanks for the mammaries. Woman is said to have the largest natural breasts or teats or knockers or hooters or headlights or lungs in the world...
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Here in the UK we hear much of the excellent work undertaken by the RSPCA. However in Africa -- the work of RSPCA volunteers goes relatively unnoticed. As a result the Year of the Volunteer -- 2007 -- has been launched by the RSPCA in an attempt to attract more people to their worthy cause. If you have some time to spare and want to do something really positive for animals in Africa -- then becoming an RSPCA volunteer may be for you. The attached clip highlights an RSPCA volunteer at work in a Kenyan Game Reserve as he outruns a leopard pursuing a gazelle.
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This couple seems to be readying for a special night but... This clip wind up from Scandanavian TV highlights the battle between the sexes. Canal Digital is a Scandinavian television distributor and internet service provider -ISP- for Norway and Sweden founded in March 1997 as a joint venture with French pay-TV company Canal-plus. Broadcast satellite service to Sweden Norway Denmark and Finland and to more than 2.9 million Nordic households as per Wikipedia.
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TSO provides musical background for a wild winter light show in Mason Ohio by Carson Williams who sychronized thousands of Christmas lights accompanying -Wizards in Winter-. Per Wikipedia The lights are programmed to turn on and off in synchronism with music using a computer application and set of modules known as Light-O-Rama.
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