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Battle maneuvers. Battle stations. Thirty year old de-commissioned ship. Slow motion destruction. Tracy Keach.
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Iraq Insurgents taken out by its enemies probably using military devices that can locate grenade or rocket launchers by their trajectories allowing a swift kill...
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The Kingston Trio is an American folk and pop music group that helped launch the folk revival of the late 1950s to late 1960s. They brought folk music back into popularity opening the way for more progressive folk newcomers like Joan Baez and Woody and Pete and Bob Dylan... Recorded -Tom Dooley- and -Where Have All The Flowers Gone-.
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Here in the UK we hear much of the excellent work undertaken by the RSPCA. However in Africa -- the work of RSPCA volunteers goes relatively unnoticed. As a result the Year of the Volunteer -- 2007 -- has been launched by the RSPCA in an attempt to attract more people to their worthy cause. If you have some time to spare and want to do something really positive for animals in Africa -- then becoming an RSPCA volunteer may be for you. The attached clip highlights an RSPCA volunteer at work in a Kenyan Game Reserve as he outruns a leopard pursuing a gazelle.
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Northrop-Grumman is building the X-47B for the USN. Built for launch from aircraft carrier. UCAS -- Unmanned Combat Air System. Trial scheduled for 2009 - 2011. UAV - Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle. Can carry one or two bombs.
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Shipyard boat launches
Array Dockworker
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Shotgun for the 21st century AA-12 gas operated low recoil 12 gauge shotgun designed for the military. Most powerful weapon in the world. Combat shotgun 120 - 300 rounds per minute. Grenade - Frag-12 -- three types. 175 meters. Auto Assault-12 Shotgun -- FRAG-12 High-Explosive Round Combo-Weapon System. Product of Military Police System out of Piney Flats Tennessee. Jerry Baber improved on other designs in order to produce this state-of-the-art rifle for the 21st century. Lead delivery on target guarantees most lethal weapon. Also grenade launcher round. From
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In 2012 Belgium TNT Television Launch We Know Drama by dramatic events in a quiet town square suddenly transformed - bikini - muscle - motorbike - American football - emergency vehicle. In 2012 omgezet Belgie TNT televisie lanceren We weten Drama door de dramatische gebeurtenissen in een rustige plein plotseling - bikini - spier - motor - American football - ambulance noodhulp voertuig. Im Jahr 2012 verwandelt Belgien TNT starten wir wissen Fernsehendrama durch dramatische Ereignisse in einen ruhigen Platz plotzlich - Bikini - Muskel - Motorrad - American-Football - Krankenwagen Einsatzfahrzeug. En 2012 Belgica TNT television lanzamiento nos sabe Drama por dramaticos acontecimientos en una plaza tranquila de repente transformado musculo - bikini - moto - futbol americano - vehiculos de emergencia ambulancia. En 2012 Belgique TNT dramatiques televisees de lancer nous savent que les evenements dramatiques sur une place paisible bourgade transforme soudainement muscle - bikini - - motorbike - football americain - vehicule de secours ambulance. Nel 2012 Belgio TNT Televisione lanciare We Know Drama da eventi drammatic in una piazza tranquilla cittadina trasformato improvvisamente muscolo - bikini - - moto - football americano - veicolo di emergenza ambulanza. Em 2012 Belgica TNT lancar nos sabe Drama televisivo pelos acontecimentos dramaticos em uma praca tranquila de repente transformado musculo - biquini - moto - futebol americano - veiculo de ambulancia de emergencia. Turner Network Broadcasting Television System based in Atlanta Georgia USA.
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It-s smarter to travel in groups- new campaign for De Lijn -- Flemish transport company. Jun 07 2011. Public bus company De Lijn has launched a new campaign showing it is smarter to take the bus or tram. Kick off is a commercial showing a group of ants beating an aardvark in a clever way. Pay-off -- It is smarter to travel in a group -- take the bus. Penguins Ants Crabs The 3D-production was done by CC -Creative Conspiracy-. De Lijn is also working on an smartphone game featuring the ants of the commercial.
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