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Japanese magician and actor is made up to look like a grandfather with hilarious results including magic or sleight of hand and acrobatic stunts. Cyril Takayama or Sero is a thirtyish master illusionist of Ryukyuan and French descent who is best known for Japanese magic performances. Also see Cyril Removes Head Incredible Magic. Magicien japonais de grand-papa d-acteur. Mago japones del grandpa del agente. Japanischer SchauspielergroBvatermagier. Traduccion de Yahoo Babelfish.
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The chameleon is supposed to be able to change its colours to match its surroundings but in this case it demonstrates remarkable powers -- but these could be Special Effects. To the Electro lyrics of -Eat My Bear- from Yuksek from -Away From The Sea- appearing in Tokyo and Osaka Japan and Belgium and the UK and NYC. French born as Pierre Alexandre Busson.
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Kid demonstrates amazing roller skating or in-line from
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We all get ready to eat -- but we will be sharing food eating family style. One good invention for making that happen...
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Guinness Book of World Records. Makoto Kumagai. Owner dueno of Purin. Gut ausgebildete japanische Welpen Hund fangt Ball und konnte gehen ins Guinness Buch der Rekorde. Chien chiot japonais bien formes attrape balle et pourrait entrer dans le Guinness Book of World Records. Bien entrenados cachorro japones perro coge la bola y podria entrar en el libro Guinness de los records. Well-trained Japanese puppy dog catches ball and could go into Guinness Book of World Records... Microsoft Bing Translator.
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Shots of a balloon from small Japanese video camera in Japan which shoots at 2000 frames per second high-resolution full color. Video cam which does not need a lot of light as most high speed cameras do. In demo movie a yellow balloon has been filled with water and is then pierced with a pin. Take a look and be amazed. The balloon disappears around the water.
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World class Korean archer reminiscent of Olympians archers demonstrates great skill to a background of American disco. Slow motion shot perhaps using small Japanese video camera that shoots 2000 frames per second high-resolution.
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Cyril Takayama or Sero is a thirty-something master illusionist of Ryukyuan and French descent. He is perhaps best known for his magic performances around Japan. Also see Grandpa Japanese Actor. Le magicien de Cyrille enleve sa tete. Cyril-Magier entfernt seinen Kopf. El mago de Cyril quita su cabeza. Traduccion de Yahoo Babelfish.
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Amazing video of Japanese man propelled...
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Japanese woman demonstrates prowess. KEO Ale from the Land of the Rising Sun.
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