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U.S. Oklahoma person calls in to do a 911 call but it turns out funny...
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Jessica Cox first and only licensed pilot with no arms. She plays the piano -- and now flies. -Inside Weekend-. Parrish Traweek Flight Instructor in Arizona. Her motto -Look Mom No Hands-
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Demostracion de un gran despegue de un avion de helice o avion. Demonstration d-un grand decollage d-un avion a helices ou d-avion. Demonstration der ein groBer Abflug ein Propellerflugzeug oder Flugzeug. Demonstration of a great takeoff of a propeller aircraft or airplane from a Van Dolley. Bing Translator. Demonstracao de uma grande partida de uma aviaoo de helice ou de um aviao. Dimostrazione di un grande decollo di un aereo a elica o un aeroplano. Aantoning van een grote opstijgen van een vliegtuig propeller of vliegtuig. Bing Translator.
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Record of crash in Alaska USA. Wikipedia - The 2010 Alaska C-17 crash occurred on Wednesday 28 July 2010 when a United States Air Force military transport plane crashed at Elmendorf Air Force near Anchorage. The second crash - Afghanistan Plane crash at Bagram Airfield Crash 29 April 2013. The C-17 was built by Boeing - McDonnell-Douglas Long Beach California USA. C-17 USAF Air Force Heavy Military Transport Jet. The last aircraft - 279 Globemaster was manufactured in 2015. C-17 is in service with the United Kingdom Australia Canada Qatar United Arab Emirates NATO Heavy Airlift Wing India and Kuwait.
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Mustang is lauded in this tribute to United States military in time for Memorial Day.
Array Patriotic USA
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Verruckte Los Angeles Polizei automovil autos verfolgen. Folle poursuite de voitures automobiles de police de Los Angeles. Inseguimento pazzo auto dell-automobile di Los Angeles polizia. Busqueda loco Los Angeles policial de los automoviles. Louca Los Angeles busca de automovel carro de policia. Gek Los Angeles politie auto auto achtervolging. Crazy Los Angeles police copper automobile car pursuit. Bing Translator.
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Humor tonto con comedia de conductor arabe. Humour idiot avec comedie pilote arabe. Dummer Humor mit arabischen Fahrer Komodie. Dom humor met Arabische stuurprogramma komedie. Humor bobo com comedia de motorista arabe. Umorismo sciocco interpretato da commedia di driver ng arabi. Silly humor featuring Arab driver comedy. Thanks to Bing Translator. Coche. Vehicle. Car. Automobile.
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Example of what happens when you finally have had too much stress -- too many bad days in a row in a work place that is too crowded and too noisy and you finally have a psychotic break -- a mental breakdown from too much workplace travail... Humourous sketch - routine - wind up.
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Bad day at the office cubicle-ville. No kidding. Ya think so...
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Brit police officer does not quite dress in uniform like another cop. British BBC version of American police officer gag. Keywords - BBC America cross dress drag hijinks gag humour Bobby Bobbie
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