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Third Grade World Geography Question. Budhapest Budhapeste. Budapest Hungary had 1712210 inhabitants and important hub in Central Europe in Wikipedia.
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Humor tonto de ciclista tonto. Dom humor van stom fietser. Humour idiot de cycliste muet. Dummer Humor aus dummer Radfahrer. Humor bobo de ciclista burra. Gracas ao Bing Translator.
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Dumb cowpoke ends up with surprise. El pega el caballo y sorpresa
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Idiot thief actually tries and then stops then starts to threaten or rob police officers in Dallas.
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Elephant leaves souvenirs for foolhardy tourists in Thailand.
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Small truck driver tries to demonstrate skill but instead demonstrates how dumb he can be. Another Darwin loser...
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Imbecile hunter with rifle gun that misfires suddenly discovers that the rifle does indeed fire making a nice hole in his cap almost making a hole in his face too from recoil. Dummkopf-Jager mit Gewehr- das plotzlich misfires entdeckt- dass das Gewehr in der Tat ausgelost wird- machen ein schones Loch in seine Mutze fast ein Loch in seinem Gesicht aus RuckstoB zu machen. Imbecile chasseur avec fusil qui rates soudainement detecte que le fusil ne tire en effet faire un beau trou dans sa casquette presque faire un trou dans son visage trop de recul. Imbecil cazador con rifle que falla repentinamente descubre que el rifle hecho fuego haciendo un bonito agujero en su gorra casi haciendo un hueco en su cara tambien de retroceso. Traducido por MS Bing Translator.
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Imbecile dumb fool decides to discharge firearm. Estupido. Idiota. Tonto. Dummie.
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Frog is fooled by iphone Smart Phone but then the toad fools the person and makes a joke on the human. Kikker is misleiden door iphone slimme telefoon maar dan de pad dwazen van de persoon en maakt een grap van de mensenrechten. Bing Translator. Grenouille est dupe par iphone telephone intelligent- mais alors le crapaud imbeciles de la personne et fait une blague sur l-homme. Frosch ist getauscht durch Iphone Smartphone aber dann die Krote Narren die Person und macht einen Witz auf dem Menschen. Sapo e enganado pelo iphone telefone inteligente- mas depois o sapo engana a pessoa e faz uma piada sobre o ser humano. Rana es enganado por iphone telefono inteligente- pero entonces el sapo los locos de la persona y hace una broma sobre el ser humano. Rana e ingannato da iphone- Smart Phone- ma poi il rospo sciocchi la persona e fa una battuta sull-uomo.
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Young Heidi joins Mensa at the tender age of four. But look out -- there is a two and a half year old that joined earlier than she. Her intelligence approaches Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. From Buzz-60.
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