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James Bond Pierce Brosnan takes a wild ride in a rickshaw taxi for a credit card somewhere in the Pacific Rim perhaps Singapore Malaysia Thailand or Cambodia to meet with a beautiful woman of course. Ian Fleming-s series continues to live in this Visa advert.
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Alfred Hawthorn Hill better known as Benny Hill was a prolific English comic actor and singer best known for his television programme -The Benny Hill Show-. He was born in Southampton England in 1924 and died in 1992. This wishing well sketch was one of his most popular -- employing the common theme of an older man chasing a scantily-clad younger woman -- with a final Bennie Hill twist of course...
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What happens when your golf mate talks trash on the green as you tee off.... Advert for Golf Pride Grips from Marketed in Taiwan Japan Australia US and England UK.
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unique putting course and trick shots
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Idiot in race is given a snowmobile known in some places as snowmachine snowsled or Bombardier Ski-Doo commonly propelled by a continuous track or tracks at the rear and steered by skiis at the front. Wikipedia definition.
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Regarding drilling and polluting California coastlines. Cost of Gasoline falls into right wing political Agenda Maxine Waters in this clip captured by the US conservatives Los Angeles liberal politician talks about socializing oil if prices skyrocket. Blaming Democrats for oil price hikes. Fox News presentation of course.
Added: 4372 days ago by cesara
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Humourous copper clip showing exactly why policemen need to train and why they need intensive training...for donut doughnuts of course...
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Golfing shames self during Scottish game... Twin Pines course at Twin Pines Golf Course in Cedar Rapids Iowa
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Funny R-Rated language
Array Comedy Toy Car
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Road rage - Road anger. Traffic conflict. Racing on muddy street. Road rage - ira de carretera. Conflicto de trafico. Carreras en la calle fangosa. Road Rage - StraBe Wut. Verkehr-Konflikt. Racing auf schlammigen StraBe. Road rage - rabbia stradale. Conflitto di traffico. Corse su strada fangosa. Road rage - la colere de la route. Conflit de circulation aerienne. Course sur la rue boueuse. Road rage - raiva da estrada. Conflito de trafego. Corrida na rua enlameada.
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