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Controlling drones from very long distance is illustrated in this United States video clip.
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National Rifle Association-s Board member anti-Democrat supports 2nd Ammendment in discussion with Evan Smith Editor Texas Monthly arch-conservative right wing. Suggests that all should carry concealed weapons for killing or protection and may be a very anti-overwhelming pro-Gun lobby pawn.
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Baby names seems to affect the subconscious mind and the brain controls body movements react think and act. So select your childs beautiful baby names from big database.
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Iran Air Boeing 767-300ER Airliner with nose gear problem en route from Moscow to Tehran managed a perfect belly landing with minimal damage due to flight crew great skills. Verkehrsflugzeug der Iran-Luft-Boeing-767-300ER mit Bugfahrwerkproblem auf dem Weg von Moskau zu Teheran handhabte eine vollkommene Bauchlandung mit dem minimalen Schaden wegen der groBen Fahigkeiten der Flugzeugbesatzung. L-avion de ligne de Boeing 767-300ER d-air de l-Iran avec le probleme de train avant en route de Moscou a Teheran a controle un atterrissage de ventre parfait avec des dommages minimaux dus qualifications d-equipage des aeronefs a de grandes. El avion de pasajeros de Boeing 767-300ER del aire de Iran con problema del engranaje de nariz en el camino de Moscu a Tehran manejo un aterrizaje sobre la panza perfecto con el dano minimo debido habilidades del equipo de vuelo a las grandes. Translation compliments of Yahoo BabelFish.
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Wild video about someone who is target shooting. Bullet surprisingly richochets or bounces twice with frightening results.
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Cell phone becomes firearm in this alarming video. It may not be real but special effects. Nonetheless the result may be fear for us taking that next flight according to this clip. Could this eventually be seen at Airport USA Europe Middle East.
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What happens when someone has a psychotic break who also happens to own a bulldozer that has been ruggedized is vividly illustrated in this video from Grand View Colorado. Citywide demolition out-of-control. Marv Heimeyer. June 4 2004 according to Wikipedia. American welder and muffler repair shop owner angered over outcome of zoning dispute armors Komatsu D355A bulldozer with layers of steel.
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The right to bear arms is featured in this -Family Day in West Virginia- where it shows that the American family that shoots together stays together... Almost satirical or parody but may be serious...
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Video of a man-s fantasy of the ideal woman... Como un Chavista se cala una esposita escualida.
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Supposedly this is an Israeli test of a remotely controlled rocket...
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