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Mildly amusing humourous but mildly frightening seasonal video. Aint digital editing nice -- and scary...
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Asking us to appreciate the blessings that we take for granted... Accompanied by the Helen Reddy singing -We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year-
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Santa Claus is becoming -Hipster Santa Claus-. In Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon USA. Or he could be a dead after 226 years -- the demise of old St. Nick according to Aftenposten Norway newspaper. If not then watch out cuz he might instead be a helicopter thief in Sao Paulo Brazil South America. From Huffington Post. Hipster Claus might sport jeans and sweater and Wicked Man Bun.
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Jeff Dunham Cranky Achmed Jingle Bombs
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Joe Diffie - Leroy The Redneck Reindeer. Oct 25 2009.
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Wild musical house. Seasonal video clip -Amazing Grace- first traditional formal and then jazz. Casa Iluminada Musica Navidad.
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So what you give to that whiny woman who is always criticizing you is answered here. Entitled -Merry Christmas Bitch- and you will see why... This solution seems to be so much more final and cleaner than a divorce in this humourous windup.
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Osama Bin Laden gets down on Christmas and old St. Nick but...
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What pets do with the postal mail while you are away is shown in this video to the tune of the Carpenters singing -Jingle Bells-. De hond en de kat hebben pret. Le chien et le chat ont l-amusement. Hund und Katze haben SpaB. Il cane ed il gatto hanno divertimento. O cao e o gato tem o divertimento. El perro y el gato se divierten.
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Jay Leno hosts Christmas carol played with bouncing balls
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