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Your courageous and determined dog will go through anything including a trip through India to return that lotto lottery ticket but... Uw moedige en vastberaden hond zal gaan door om het even wat met inbegrip van een reis door India om terug te keren dat lotto loterij ticket maar... Nada como un viaje por India para devolver ese boleto de loteria lotto atravesara su perro valiente y decidida -- pero... Ihr Hund mutig und entschlossen werden durch alles einschlieBlich einer Reise durch Indien zuruckkehrenv -- die Lotto-Lotterie-Ticket gehen aber... Votre chien courageux et determine passeront tout ce dont un voyage a travers l-Inde pour revenir a ce billet de loterie de Loto -- mais... Bing Translator.
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R-Rated Roadside Bomb. IED. Trying to dig a 155 round out by hand but unfortunately for these brave patriotic men who are working for government -- they are blown up when the IED goes off.
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Brave Medal of Honor three separate acts of heroism. Robert Howard. Toughest fighter of the modern era. Eight Purple Hearts. Most heavily decorated American. Viet Nam. Laos. Cambodia. Wounded 14 times. 2 Masters degrees.
Channels Military News
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Man bravely follows Chinese monks as he follows a spiritual path to find true Zen enlightenment in this Mountain Dew American software drink commercial advert.
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Brave but slightly stupid man decides to do very dangerous stunt with 50 caliber BMG round from sniper rifle. Shooting a melon in Mississipi USA.
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USA National Security Agency routinely monitors all US citizens whether they engage in illegal activities or not. Edward Snowden -- brave whistle blower who opened up NSA data to the world -- in order to elucidate illegal surveillance. Traitor or treason or super-patriot -- which might he be.
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