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Everybody has gone surfing including the bulldogs in Surfing USA probably Huntington Beach Los Angeles Manhattan Beach California Pacific Ocean Bulldog. Beach Boys Ventura Surf boards San Onofre Redondo La Jolla
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Boys will be boys and girls will be girls and men and women. And babies will evidently be babies. Les garcons seront des garcons et les filles seront des filles et des hommes et des femmes. Et les bebes seront evidemment des bebes. Jungen sind Jungen und Madchen sind Madchen und Manner und Frauen. Und Babys sind offenbar Babys. Los muchachos seran muchachos y las muchachas seran muchachas y hombres y mujeres. Y los bebes seran evidentemente bebes.
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Two good ole young Southern boys show us how to fish. We should say Do Not Attempt unless you have lots of muscle to wrestle the catfish. From Now legal in Missouri.
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Dog lets kitty play. Patience from the dog accompanied by -You Are So Beautiful- by Bill Preston Bruce Fisher and perhaps Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys according to Wikipedia...
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How magicians perform their tricks is exposed in this revealing behind-the-scenes look at two outrageous comedians edgy provacative -Bad Boys of Magic- from Las Vegas and Showtime BS.
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A few -good ole boys- decided to demonstrate water sports in South Carolina where you don-t need no bass boat. All you need is a trackhoe and a mudhole. Seriously...
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Little young not-quite-gentlemen are curious and loving. To -Turns Me On Again- by Noah Lifschey -- shareware musician from Hollowstone Music. Punk-rock feel. The advantage of being a child -- la ventaja de ser un crio.
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Comedic sketch mildly sexual wind up prank hijinks Funny comedy.
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What sometimes happens at an USA Country and Western rodeo with bucking brahma bull and taming wild horses and bucking broncos and calf lariat roping and steer riding etc. Rodeo clowns and cowboys and caballeros flying. From American Southwest.
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