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Amazing footage of demonstration of a weapons explosion in the ocean near a ship...
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Man from Northern US like Dakota or Canada demonstrates what magnesium can do. Done to -Dueling Banjos- an instrumental composition that was made famous in a scene from the 1972 movie Deliverance. Bomba. Explosao. Careful. Cuidado.
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Idiot in race is given a snowmobile known in some places as snowmachine snowsled or Bombardier Ski-Doo commonly propelled by a continuous track or tracks at the rear and steered by skiis at the front. Wikipedia definition.
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So what you give to that whiny woman who is always criticizing you is answered here. Entitled -Merry Christmas Bitch- and you will see why... This solution seems to be so much more final and cleaner than a divorce in this humourous windup.
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Dance Bailar la Bomba Mexican popular standard. Richie Valens lyricist.
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Trabalho da laje de cimento no tempo real. Exige o trabalho real da equipe. Travail dalle en de beton en temps reel. Il exige le vrai travail d-equipe. Concrete slab work in real-time. It requires real team work. Betonplattearbeit in der Realzeit. Sie erfordert reale Mannschaftarbeit. Lavoro della lastra di cemento armato in tempo reale. Richiede il lavoro reale della squadra. Trabajo del bloque de cemento en tiempo real. Requiere el trabajo verdadero del equipo. Pascal Paoli. 2008 - Mali. Republique du Mali is a landlocked nation in Western Africa. Mali is the seventh largest country in Africa according to Wikipedia On-Line Encyclopedia. Translation courtesy of Yahoo Alta Vista Babelfish. Cement Hormigonado Con Bomba
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What would you do for fun if you were in Hamas and had explosives and construction tools is illustrated in this zany and somewhat scary video... Sledgehammer explosions by Palestinian Islamic Socio-Polication organization or movement often regarded as radical and terrorist.
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What can be done with a lit can of WD-40 which probably uses a butane propellant to eject the lubricating oil which catches fire in this scary video. Also slow motion slowmo and maybe no Special Effects... Peut d-huile de graissage eclate. Von kann Schmierol explodiert. Puede del aceite el lubricante estalla. Yahoo BabelFish. Wikipedia sez -- WD-40 stands for -Water Displacement - 40th Attempt-. Norm Larsen attempted to concoct formula to prevent corrosion by displacing water. Successful formula on 40th attempt. Composed of various hydrocarbons. Developed in 1953 by founder of the Rocket Chemical Company San Diego California.
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