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Amazing Slovenian Group Perpetuum Jazzile imitates rain as lead in to their rendition of -African-. Humans Only. Or maybe synthesizer. From -Toto IV-. Song on as -Toto Africa by Perpetuum Jazzile-.
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Kid learns how to give evil eye or evil look. African-American black child.
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Exactly what would you expect of a fair-haired flaxen blonde gazelle is shown in this interesting African video clip wind up.
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Comedy about a butterfly causing a series of incidents until an African American man accident
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Wild black African American Afro-America comedy genius features white family with last name -Niggar-. From Wikipedia David Khari Webber Chappelle born August 24 1973 is an American stand-up comedian satirist screenwriter television film producer and actor. In 2003 he became known for his popular sketch comedy television series on Comedy Central called Chappelle-s Show. The show parodied many aspects of American culture including racial stereotypes politics and pop culture featuring comedy skits.
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Shows what could happen the day after Barack Obama gets elected in the black community. David Chappelle satire news sketch silly edgy comedy on African-Americans even includes dig on Hispanics. This is an insensitive video...
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Young boy with fantastic abilities almost superhuman.
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Little old lady knows what to do but... Woman assumes that the gang-looking guys are guilty but she...
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In a video that is controversial William Shattner appears as a mediator but he goes over the top in his mediation. Makes fun of Obama election and African-Americans. This is an insensitive video...
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Satire. German Nazi Humour. -Movin on Up- by Jeff Barry and Ja-net Dubois authors of -The Jeffersons- Lyrics. American sitcom broadcast on CBS from 1975 to 1985 with a total of 253 episodes produced by T.AT. Communications Company then Embassy Television. Longest-running comedy or series with predominantly African-American cast in the history of American TV according to Wikipedia.
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