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This video shows cellphones popping corn. This is the urban myth that we all fear. But do not be too upset. It is actually a hoax or a clever marketing scheme by a blue tooth cellular company
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Warning from possible Arab bashing video showing Fundamentalist Islamic influence growing in Europe and the world as Mohammed influence grows. Shows self mutilation including youth. Germany. Great Britain. Insensitive...
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One scare after another... Schrecken. Furcht. Susto. Miedo. Spavento. Timore. Alarme. Crainte. Effroi.
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Funny business from Thai bank. She gets home but her husband has forgotten to pay the electric bill and now -- oh no. Oh well. Do not assume.
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Cell phone becomes firearm in this alarming video. It may not be real but special effects. Nonetheless the result may be fear for us taking that next flight according to this clip. Could this eventually be seen at Airport USA Europe Middle East.
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Parisian fear is flamed by this possibly made up simulated video clip.
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Fearful Churchill conservative speech against all types of social programs and even social progressive actions or thinking... Conservative Winston Churchill Anti-Social Program Socialism
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